Family Law

Our family law practice covers many areas, including divorce, paternity, child support, custody, guardianships, and adoptions. We bring years of expertise to our family law practice along with a reputation for providing thorough and compassionate representation. Our goal is to empower clients as they enter a new phase of life – sometimes joyous (as with adoptions), but more often difficult (as with divorce) – while ensuring that their interests, and those of their children, are protected.

Each case that we handle is unique, and we strive to meet the individual needs of each client. We offer an introductory meeting to help prospective clients understand the process, to ease their concerns, and to highlight the issues that are likely to arise. We find that for most family law or domestic relations cases, litigation in court is best perceived as a last resort; clients are generally better served by a more balanced, cooperative, collaborative approach to problem-solving, particularly in cases involving minor children; mediation can also be a helpful tool in resolving family law disputes. However, if litigation is necessary to protect our client’s interests, we have extensive trial experience and have achieved excellent results.

Our cases range from simpler, relatively uncontested matters to contentious affairs with multiple layers of complexity. Regardless of the issues, our goal remains the same: help clients obtain the best possible outcomes. Success, in many instances, requires patience and creativity in negotiating a comprehensive agreement; other occasions demand the skill and tenacity of a seasoned litigator. Through her years of experience, Attorney Turnbull is adept at handling the full spectrum of challenges family law cases offer.

Navigating the financially intricate issues that frequently arise in family law disputes is often not easy. Attorney Turnbull has a proven track record of providing strong advocacy on behalf of her clients, while maintaining a calming presence and professional demeanor during an often emotionally-charged time. She is committed to getting fair and equitable results and won’t hesitate to enlist the assistance of financial experts – such as accountants, tax analysts, and financial advisors – to ensure that her client’s present and future financial needs are protected. If litigation becomes necessary, Attorney Turnbull is a tenacious and zealous advocate who commits the time and effort necessary to secure the best possible outcome for her clients.

When it comes to custody issues, Attorney Turnbull strives for solutions that benefit the needs of minor children. She will often enlist the services of a “guardian ad litem” or court investigator to help assess a child’s interests, or seek input from a child psychologist or mediator, depending on the nature of the case. Should litigation become necessary, clients draw comfort from Attorney Turnbull’s history of success in custody battles, which feature results ranging from a complete change in custody from one parent to the other, to obtaining a court order enabling a parent to relocate with a child to another state in a “removal” case.

Given the intensely personal nature of family law issues, a close, trusting attorney/client relationship is essential. We have the experience and expertise to guide you through these often difficult issues with compassion, honesty, integrity and hard work. We strive to provide you with quality and affordable legal representation to ensure that your needs will be met as you move forward through this next phase of life.