Criminal Defense

Attorney Hoose has been representing criminal defendants for over thirty years and has defended practically every kind of criminal charge in the books. He is a Fellow in the American Academy of Trial Lawyers – the most prestigious bar association in the country – and has been repeatedly featured in publications such as Best Lawyers in America, New England Super Lawyers and Massachusetts Super Lawyers. In 2007, he was joined by Attorney Ryan who has quickly established himself as one of the rising stars of the defense bar. Between them, they provide the fearlessness, dedication, and integrity for which the firm is known. Attorney Hoose and Attorney Ryan work closely with each other and often collaborate on larger and more complicated matters. They pride themselves in giving each client the attention he or she deserves and limit their caseloads to achieve this objective.

We can’t possibly list every type of criminal case that the firm handles, but some examples are set forth below:

  • Homicides and Other Crimes of Violence: Violent crimes carry the stiffest penalties and are among the most complex cases in the criminal justice system. Often, the fate of a person accused of such a crime will turn on the credibility of witnesses and/or the admissibility of evidence. Impeaching the testimony of a key witness or obtaining a favorable ruling on a critical piece of evidence requires preparation, creativity, and diligence. This approach has become our hallmark in defending clients accused of violent crimes, including those facing allegations of vehicular homicide, manslaughter, and murder.

  • Sex Offenses: A sex offense conviction can be life-altering event even where incarceration is avoided. In addition to confinement, persons accused of such crimes have to be concerned about potential collateral consequences, including the possible obligation to register as a sex offender. Because the stakes are so high, we devote considerable attention to discovery motions designed to give us the factual tools we need to attack the prosecution’s case. We also rely upon skilled investigators and respected experts to ensure that each client receives the best possible defense.

  • Narcotics Offenses: Through the years, we have successfully represented clients accused of a wide range of drug offenses, including possession, distribution, trafficking, and conspiracy. Part of this success stems from an understanding of the role addiction frequently plays in criminal behavior. Thus, we will often assist clients in addressing their substance abuse problems while simultaneously striving to suppress, or challenge the sufficiency of, the evidence against them. In litigating and resolving these cases, we never lose sight of the big picture and have managed to obtain the reduction of charges by illustrating how a conviction would adversely affect a client’s employment, housing benefits, driving privileges, and/or immigration status.

  • Federal Investigations: If you or someone you know has received a visit from a Government agent or been served with a grand jury subpoena, immediate legal assistance is almost always advisable. When clients contact us early enough in the process, our zealous advocacy can often minimize their exposure or altogether prevent the issuance of formal criminal charges.

  • Public Employees: Past firm clients include a number of teachers, policemen, firefighters, and other public servants who have faced a wide variety of criminal charges, as well as official misconduct allegations. Public employees have special concerns, such as retirement benefits and state licensure requirements, that make it essential for them to have lawyers who understand the ins and outs of their cases.

  • Students: We have represented students accused of criminal behavior at many high schools, and most institutions of higher learning, in Western Massachusetts. We know and understand the codes of student conduct that can often result in punishments as harsh as those meted out by the courts.

  • Appeals: If you have been convicted of a criminal offense, it may not be too late to get justice. While setting aside a criminal conviction is never easy, a thorough review of the record will often reveal errors by trial judges and/or attorneys that could serve as viable grounds for relief. Once potential errors have been identified, we meticulously research each issue and draft pleadings calculated to maximize the likelihood of success.